2015 – The very First Mental Health Gap training based on the mhGAP Intervention Guide for neurological and substance use disorders in non-specialised health settings, published by WHO in September 2011.

This was formulated into MHAF’s Mental Health Training 1 programme as an intensive 6 days training for the participants, held between the 23rd to 29th August 2015, (with a 1-day break on the 28th of August). It was attended by 29 participants, both health professionals and non-health professionals, working in front line services and coming into contact with mental health patients. They included; doctors, nurses and community health care workers, supervisors from the Home for People with Special Needs, the social workers from the Ministry of Gender and Law, civil officers at the Police victim support unit and other organisations. The modules were carefully selected to fit into the cultural context after consultation with local healthcare professionals. The course had a pre-course assessment and was finished with a post course assessment. Each module was also evaluated by the participants. On various sources of feed-back, participants expressed their opinion that the training was appropriate, valuable and much needed for the community.