How and where to seek help in the Maldives?

If you’re concerned about your mental health, please consult a doctor or your primary health care worker. A doctor or a primary health care worker could recommend a consultation with a psychiatrist should you require one.

For specific specialist help:

For Emergencies where there is HIGH RISK to the SAFETY of patient or to others:

For emergency support via the Police;

Victim Support Unit, Maldives Police Services

Emergency number 24 hours number: 119

Hotline number: 9770640

*For any emergencies where there is HIGH RISK to the SAFETY of patient or to others, where police assistance is required, the Victim Support Unit provide this assistance.

 Children’s Helpline via the Ministry of Gender and Family;

Family and Children Service Centre

Emergency number 24 hours’ number: 1412

Duty Office number: 9790163

Hotline: 30006004

Administrative number: 9700599

Fax number: 33293038

*For any emergencies where there is HIGH RISK to the SAFETY of a child, including for assistance and any advice.


Domestic Violence;

Family Protection Authority

Telephone: 3010551


For general support and overall social and welfare;

Ministry of Gender and Family

General enquires telephone number: 3328393

Child Helpline number: 1412


For advice and treatment for Substance use disorders/Drugs/Addiction services;

National Drug Agency,

Alikilegefaanu Magu, Male

Telephone: 3312018

Psychiatric consultations are available at;

  • Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital(IGMH),

          Kan’baa Aisaa Rani Hingun, Male’

          Telephone: 333 5335




IGMH has a Psychiatry department which offers out-patient consultation and emergency services, including 24 hours on-call services. In case of a psychiatric emergency, patients can attend the Emergency Department and from the islands, health workers can telephone for advice. IGMH has no psychological therapy yet. Please see below for where to seek psychological therapy. Other relevant specialist services at IGMH; speech therapy, occupational therapy.

  • Psychiatrists are also available at some regional hospitals in the Maldives though this may vary in availability and thus their details are not included in this list. Please check your own regional availability by contacting your regional hospital and or ask your island health worker to enquire about the available local and regional services.

For any reason, should you wish to seek private psychiatric consultations, they are available at;

  • ADK Hospital,

Sosun Magu, Male’

Telephone: 3313553

Email:, Website:

  • Medica Hospital,

Faamudheyri Magu, Male’

Telephone: 3002255, 3002203

Email:, Website:

  • Family Care Clinic and Scan Centre,

H. Azum, Ameenee Magu, Male’,

Telephone: 3300767

  • Advanced Medical Clinic,

G. Rocketge, Lonuziyaaraiy Magu, Male’

Telephone: 3007788, Email:

Talking/psychological therapies in the Maldives:

Free counselling services including face to face and telephone counselling services are available at:

  • Society for Health Education (SHE):

Psychosocial Counselling Services, SHE, M. Kulunu Vehi, Buruzu Magu, Male’

Telephone: 3318804, 7976325



 (SHE often conducts support groups such as parenting classes and for mothers of children with autism, please contact SHE for details).


  • Counselling Services, Dhamanaveshi, Community health centre,

Majeedhee Magu, Male

Telephone: 3318901


  • Youth Counselling Service,

Youth and Sports centre, Maldives Centre for Social Education,

Majeedhee Magu, Male’

Telephone: 3313755, 3323860


  • Juvenile Justice Unit (JJU),

Juvenile Court,

Haveeree Hingun, Male’

Telephone: 3306691

(JJU also provides Life Skills, Rehabilitation and Reintegration programmes to people under their care).


For any reason, should you wish to seek private psychological therapy provided by clinical psychologists and/or counsellors, they are available at:

  • Maldives Institute of Psychological Services, Training and Research (MIPSTAR)

Ma. Kinaara House, Iskandharu Magu, Male’

Telephone: 7442626



  • Primax Medi-care, Carnation Magu, Male’

Telephone: 3330511


  • Institute of Mental Well-Being, Ma Noomas (1st Floor), Chaandhaneemagu, Male’

Telephone: 3337892, 7897892

  • Institute Counselling and Psychotherapy

H. Haifa, Bodufungandu Magu, Male’ 

Telephone: 7978802, 3338802. Fax: 3338803.

Email:, Website:


  • Azmi-Naeem Medical & Diagnostic Centre (AMDC)

M. Misuru-ruvaage, Shariuvarudhee, Malé

Telephone: 3325979, Fax: 3325978

Email:, Website:


The following are Non-Governmental Organisations in the Maldives, providing assistance in their fields as follows:


  • Disaster Management, Community First Aid, Psychological First Aid and other related work:

Psychosocial Support Centre, Maldivian Red Crescent

4 floor, Maldives Post Building, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Malé 

Telephone: 3341009


  • Autism:

Maldives Autism Association

M. Shaadhaan (3rd Floor), Noory Goalhi, Male’

Telephone: 3329033/ 7919033

Email:, Website:

  • Child developmental disorders:

Care Society

M. Fiyaathoshimaage, Male’

Telephone: 3312491/ 3322297

Email:, Website:


  • Old age care:

Aged Care Maldives

M.Vaagali, Fareedee Magu, Male’, Maldives

Telephone: 3315956



  • Advocating for the rights of children:

Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC)

G. Nooraanee Villa, Alikilegefaanu Magu, Male`, Republic of Maldives

Telephone: 3338783




  • Down Syndrome:

Beautiful Eyes

H.Bonthi Vlla, 7th Floor, Ameer Ahmed Magu, Male’

Telephone: 7786772


  • Deafness:

Maldives Deaf Association

Telephone: 7665239



  • Blindness and visual impairment:

Blind and Visually Impaired Society of Maldives

Telephone: 7553755

Email:, Website:


If you feel this list is inaccurate/ incomplete or you are a new institution providing any of the above services, do kindly inform us at and we can confirm and make the necessary amendments. Thank you for your support.