Mental Health Training 2 programme, Training of Trainers for Mental Health Awareness and Psychological First Aid

In 2016, we changed this 2 days course to a training of trainers (TOT) to target an even bigger group of people through carefully selected recruitment of participants. Hence, we invited the participants who completed MHAF Training 1 in 2015 to attend this course. The aim was for the participants to receive training and for the participants to further train more people in mental health awareness and psychological first aid. The participants, following receiving TOT could further train school teachers, police officers, general workers in NGOs which may be related in some or any way to mental health, general and any other non-health care professional who may come into contact with people suffering with mental health issues. Both Training 1 and Training 2 were run in collaboration with Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).  A closing ceremony and certificate awarding ceremony was held on the evening of Monday the 25th of July.