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Training programmes and activities for this year

VIPSIG (Volunteering and International Psychiatry Special Interest Group) of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, acknowledges MHAF: MHAF is honoured with this recognition and grateful for highlighting our volunteer scheme.

This campaign was held during the 2 weeks of October to highlight World Mental Health Day on 10th of October 2015. MHAF welcomed the overwhelming support from the public, who joined our campaign.

We are against mental health stigma and discrimination. Are you?

MHAF is featured on the cover page of Maldeeb magazine Issue 07, September 07, 2015

Closing ceremony for training programmes conducted between the 23rd-31st of August 2015 is being held on the 31st of August 2015.

This is a 6 days training programme and the dates are: 23rd to 29th August 2015. The mhGAP Intervention Guide (mhGAP-IG) has been developed to facilitate mhGAP-related delivery of evidence-based interventions in non-specialized health-care settings.

This is a 2 days training programme and the dates are: 30th to 31st August 2015. This will be a basic introduction into some of the main mental disorders providing a basic and general awareness of some of the common mental disorders and the topics include; depression, suicide, psychosis, drug use and its disorders.